Let's Celebrate!


We're having a party! 

Buena Vista, Colorado

June 3, 2018 2pm

Douglas and I arrived in Colorado June 3, 2016 from New York City. We embarked on what started out as a summer-long project with Katy Welter and Rick Bieterman, to launch Watershed in Buena Vista. After 3 months in the mountains, we were hooked. We've been here for almost 2 years, and things just keep getting better. 


So now we want to celebrate! Marriage, Colorado, spring/summer: all of it. And we want you to join us! Sunday, June 3rd at 2pm. 

 Watershed Ranch

Watershed Ranch

The party location is pretty special. We wouldn't be out here if it weren't for Rick and Katy, and being at the foot of the Collegiate Peaks is something worth experiencing. There's camping available on their 170-acre ranch, as well as in-town and nearby accommodations. Details below. 

What to expect: opportunities for hiking, fishing, lawn games, eating, drinking, relaxing, live music, 4-wheeling. I'll be biking Independence Pass if anyone wants to join me...

Puppies, babies, children welcome! 

 Ranch dogs! (One of them is much bigger now!)

Ranch dogs! (One of them is much bigger now!)

What to wear: comfortable clothes, hiking boots if interested. Layers! If you're staying past sunset, the mountains get cold no matter the month/season. 

Places to stay (besides camping at the ranch): Mt. Princeton Hot Springs (19 miles from the party location), Cottonwood Hot Springs (15 miles), Amigo Motel in Salida (37 miles), Surf Chateau (11 miles) 

If you're going to be in the area for a few days, (from out of town) here are some things you should check out! The Trailhead in BV is a great gear store: if you forgot something, or want to pick up some local outdoor wear/gear, it's a good spot. They also have some suggestions on things to do in the area, and they're always happy to give tips. It'll still be pretty early for rafting, but it's some of the best in Colorado if you're up for it. Just be sure to rent a wet/dry suit. Brown's Canyon is awesome. Hopefully something good will be playing at The Comanche! This is the best restaurant in Buena Vista (in my opinion) especially for lunch after a big adventure! But Evergreen is pretty great for breakfast before the adventure (or just after a long night!) And of course, Douglas and I have tons of tips and suggestions, so feel free to ask us anything!