About me:


As a kid, at any given time, I was taking swim lessons, diving lessons, playing soccer, softball, skiing, or rowing crew. In college, the cross-country coach approached me in the dining hall and told me to show up for practice the next day. I had never really raced before, but it ended up being my thing for more than 10 years. After a bout of stress fractures, I picked up a road bike. These days I'm more comfortable on a bike than off. Give me single-track. Give me gravel. Give me pudding-smooth pavement. Also, triathlon, trail running, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and boxing. I've been in Colorado for two years (by way of Indiana/Montana/Tennessee/New York) and I absolutely love it. Challenge me to do something that involves being outdoors in the mountains, and I'm almost definitely in. 



Race reports, gear testing, trip ideas, and sometimes just what's on my mind. 

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Work experience/résumé, where I've been and what I've done. 

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