Netflix describes Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new project a "crowdsourced variety show." I remember reading about this when he launched the project. I remember thinking, "Damn, I wish I was famous enough to pull something like that off." But I'm not, and he his, and that's the whole point. He organized it, and now he's leaving the talent part up to everyone else. It started in 2005, with just Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother, Dan. He calls the ongoing project, hitRECord. As in, do something and record it. Even now, there are only 8 people who work for the company, the rest is people remixing and creating via the internet. Gordon-Levitt is also pulling out themes from the projects that have been recorded, and putting them into a "TV show." It's a good idea. Basically, he throws out assignments or ideas, and people create. The show itself comes off as a bit corny, (the live audience, Gordon-Levitt being a ham), but if you stick with it, the actual projects created are super impressive: especially when you see the breakdown of how many are involved in each. So, someone writes a script and posts it, someone acts it out and posts it, someone writes music and posts it, on and on, and the result is pretty amazing. The short film and the song in the first episode are memorable. If Gordon-Levitt maintains this brand, it seems like it's only going to grow.