Ling: Light


March 10th at high noon, Walker Ranch--Boulder, Colorado: Micah Ling and Douglas Light. 


A week before the wedding (aka a gathering of 4 friends, their kids and dogs, on a ranch in the Rocky Mountains), I was getting my hair trimmed and a woman in the chair across from me was getting her hair "done" for her wedding that night. It was elaborate--she had very long hair--involving dozens of pins and curls and tucks and products. The stylist said, "Now give it a good shake, who knows how much dancing you'll do and we do NOT want this to come out." My only thought was, I'm so glad I'm not doing anything that involves pins or getting upset if my hair comes loose. I'm so glad I'm having a wedding without having a wedding. 


March 10th was bright and beautiful and windy, as is the custom for spring in Colorado. I ran 6 miles at sunrise, and then had breakfast with Douglas and Ten Paws as usual. We drove to the ranch and stopped on the way for flowers.


As I opened the door at the ranch, to greet our friends, the wind slammed the screen and pinched my hand. My knuckle bled and bled. To some, this would be a bad sign--or even, would ruin the day. But I got a Star Wars band-aid and was sure to get photos to prove the wound. Imperfections--things you can't plan for--are what make things interesting, memorable, and lasting. 


We had lunch at a favorite spot in Boulder and made our way back home. The next morning, Douglas and I flew to California to spend a few days exploring Catalina Island and generally relaxing. We hiked, and biked, and breathed in the sea-level air. All in all, I couldn't have had a better week; and luckily, this is just the beginning.