Puppy in the House!


The first order of business after buying and moving into a house, was to adopt a puppy. So we did: the day after the move. Ten Paws is a boxer-mix, and lives up to his name. He will box you. He will bite you. He will puppy his way into your heart. Three-weeks in, and I already can't imagine life without him. 


We took our first road-trip this weekend (with Ten Paws): 3 hours into the mountains, where it was cool, and calm, and perfect. Ten Paws met our friends' dog, Muddy (aka Mud Man). Mud Man will always have a special place in my heart: I remember when he was a pup. Things went well. I've had dogs throughout my life, but never a puppy. The absolute truth is, a tired puppy is a good puppy. With free run of a 170-acre ranch, Mud Man wore him out (and vice versa!) 

It was sweater weather in the mountains!

It was sweater weather in the mountains!

Ten Paws' floatation vest just arrived, so we'll go swimming tomorrow. Like with any version of a baby, life is full of firsts. And firsts are always good.