I'm In the Hive!

A few months ago Honey Stinger put out a call for (non-pro) athletes to tell their story, and to get sponsorship. I figured, why not? When I lived in NYC I worked part-time at a running/triathlete store. I had spent my whole life running, and had never used any nutrition--a lot of it didn't exist when I started putting in miles with my dad as a kid. In New York, we had a lot of reps come in to talk up their products. I started doing longer runs, and cycling a bit. When I was on the bike for hours at a time, I got shaky: I needed calories. Because I had access to all of the newest nutrition (where I worked), I tried it all (except the truly nasty flavored gels). Most people who knew me (and knew how active I was) couldn't believe that I waited so long to try "the goo." Some of it was ok--mostly it tasted like dessert, which isn't (always) bad. Cake icing, jelly donuts, and pie filling. But I never liked the fact that it was chemicals. I always felt like I'd rather be consuming something real and natural. 

It wasn't until I moved to Colorado last summer that I put an honest effort into finding nutrition that was real food; and I landed on Honey Stinger. I've never been the kind of person to preach about product--people tend to be obnoxious about it--but for me, having a natural/real food option works really well. I'm a purist: the classic "gold" is my favorite, mainly because it's just pure honey, water, and enough sodium to help with hydration. Plus there's really nothing better than getting to the top of a mountain and sucking down a packet of honey. I'm being serious. I love it.  

I'm stoked to be sponsored by Honey Stinger. I'm not going to wallpaper my bedroom with Honey Stinger packets...actually, now that I'm writing this...I might. But, it feels good to be part of something: The Hive. Now I guess I have to do that 70.3 don't I? 

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