It's a Dog's Life

Life is better with dogs. That's just true. If you're a cat person, that's a shame. Dogs are hilarious. I've been living in Leadville, Colorado for the past 8 weeks with some friends and Muddy, their dog. Muddy has his own pack when he goes hiking. He carries his own food, maps, toys, and sometimes the walkie-talkie. He has responsibilities. And when you give him a bath, he gets the serious zoomies for about an hour. Sometimes he falls asleep on your shoulder. After a while, you start to hear his voice: a little sarcasm, a little cockiness, but mostly just a guy who want to be part of the scene. The other day he said, "Guys, how about you treat me my age (in dog-years) and pour a little Bailys in my water bowl?" It was weird. He claims to have a lot of friends out here, even though he just moved from Chicago. He also has a theme song. "I am the Mud Man. Do-do-do-do-do-do-do. Four paws down, two paws up, I don't really give a fuck, I'm the Mud Man. Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do. Two paws up, four paws down, I pretty much, run this town, I'm the Mud Man..." It goes on from there. Anyway, get to know the area dogs is my point. They're full of character and full of love, even if they do fall for the "relax your paw, relax your paw...why are you hitting yourself?" gag every time.