Life is a Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was at a Damien Jurado concert. I lost my phone, but was sure that someone had stolen it, and was worried that Jurado would need to text me to check the sound. Dreams are more vivid at 10,200 feet. And farther up, things just get weird. Mount Belford's summit sits at 14,150 feet. Toward the top, vision gets a little fuzzy. You're not sure if you're actually seeing pikas carrying bouquets of flowers, or if that's a hallucination. Wind gusts are such, and dizziness is just right, that you have to make sure not to literally get blown off the mountain. But there's something about getting to the top that is powerful. Like, 50 feet below the top is just as difficult to get to, but being as high as possible feels like such a finished task. Maybe I was at a Jurado concert last night. Maybe I checked the sound for him. I definitely saw a pika on his way to a hot date on the mountainside.