Pizza at 10,200 Feet

There's an indoor aquatic center in Leadville, Colorado, run by a plump man with dreadlocks, who wears purple John Lennon-style glasses at all times. He told me that I should eat more, because the elevation, "Sucks the weight right off," (he gestured at the mountains when he said this). He also told me to drink a lot of water, and avoid too much alcohol. All good advice, as far as I can tell. Things that are still difficult after living two miles above sea level for 3 weeks: running at any incline, swimming more than 50 meters, biking hills, sometimes folding laundry or talking while walking. Things that are surprisingly not difficult: making pizza. Baking times take a little longer, but pies turn out great! (Half vegan, half...not, as pictured here). The altitude is always in the back of my mind in Leadville. I notice it when I try to go to sleep, I notice it when I get up too quickly, I notice it when I shower. A lightness, a dizziness that never fully takes over, but constantly has me wondering if it's all a dream. A dream with consistently great pizza.