Jim Harrison

There's little that can be said about Jim Harrison that he hasn't already said perfectly himself. This "What I've Learned" from Esquire is everything. When I lived in Livingston, Montana, I worked at a restaurant called the Second Street Bistro: upscale, for Montana. It's attached to a famous hotel and bar: The Murray. Jim used to come in often, and drink the best wine we had. People in Livingston rightfully loved him. He was so gruff and so gentle. He loved writing, and art, and eating, and being in the the last best places. That's all there was for him. Anthony Bourdain did an episode of No Reservations at the Bistro, and spent much of the show exploring with Jim, which I found--and still do find--hilarious and lovely. Jim croaks to Bourdain about food and hunting and Montana: about how life should be lived. I would love to be at the Yellowstone River now, reading, and re-reading. There's something about that place that makes you ache to get back to it. In Search of Small Gods is amazing. The English Major is certainly true. The Big Seven is pure fun. Brown Dog is worth just reading on repeat.