Daaaaamn, Scramble

Maybe you haven't seen "Damn, Daniel" yet. Take a moment. And then there was Damn, Spaniel. Now there's the egg-tribute. It's incredible that there have actually been articles written on why this meme is such a "success." Incredible, and hilarious. There's no reason to figure out why this kind of thing captures our attention. I actually think it's what makes us great. Why are we saying "Daaaaaamn, Daniel" like it's the newest pop song? Because it is. Clips of weirdness and greatness that get stuck in our minds. That's what makes us part of the wired sea. We have favorite shoes, and favorite people, and favorite moments; and we want to share them, with everyone. I only know the author Steve Edwards from Twitter, and he recently had an essay published at Orion: it's worth reading. It's beautiful and honest and eyeopening. After receiving due praise for the piece, he tweeted, "Don't let anybody tell you community can't be had on Twitter!" There seems to be a lingering fear that the Internet is still a sort of fake interaction, and maybe it is. It certainly has its dangers. Edwards would probably be the first to tell us all to get outside. But there are also beautiful moments that can only come from a community that has a bit of anonymity. The moment at the end of Edwards' essay is something that will stick with me: something I want to share, even though it's not mine. We're goofy and playful and unafraid when we have a little shield. We put things out there that we might not otherwise have the guts to. The kids behind "Damn, Daniel" were just being kids--having fun, being stars--and that seems worth mimicking.