Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah drops their new--third--full album, "How to Dance," just in time for spring: dancing season. In an interview for Speakeasy, front woman Heather McEntire says, "I don't really care if anyone likes it. It saved my life." I'd say that's art. When you do something because you have to--because it's saving your life. People will either get it or they won't: it's out there. Despite what she says, this album seems intended to help. McEntire is honest about the dark year or so that she's had. But this album is her healing--her getting back into the light. It's a reminder that we're all on the edge of both winning and losing, all the time. The album says that it's dedicated to anyone who has ever felt the cold misfits, outcasts, and loners. Mount Moriah has always produced comforting music worth dancing to, but this time it seems like their work is even bigger--even more crucial than before.