Darker Now

Well holy hell. If there's anything more crushing than watching an awful, racist, misogynistic coward elected to lead the United States, it's losing a beautiful, calm, creative poet and songwriter. Leonard Cohen has always been an angel to me. I've been listening to his latest album for the last 24 hours. Who else is there to grieve with? For the first time since I've been in Colorado, I sort of longed to be in NYC--just to be surrounded by diverse faces, all of us broken. New York City knows how to mourn. Cohen does what every artist wants to do: he captures the sharpest versions of emotion in the truest way. His songs assure you, he's been through it all, just like you: he'll help you with your version. Here's a little more about one of my best days with Cohen in the city. We're so sad to see you go, man. The game isn't the same without you.