George Ezra

Almost exactly a year ago, NPR did a segment on the British musician George Ezra (Barnett) saying that he had been discovered on YouTube when he was 18, so I basically tuned-out. As it turns out, Ezra isn't Bieber. This guy does make people swoon, but he speaks with an old soul. He takes train trips alone in order to find inspiration for songs. He's 22 now, and working with big names. He'll certainly continue to gain popularity as he sounds like Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Wesley Schultz, and honestly, Elvis Presley. He readily admits that he was heavily influenced by Bob Dylan. That's how he found his incredible range: most of the time his voice is high and light, but he also has a lovely bass-baritone. It was just announced that Ezra will play with Steven Tyler and others on the new season of Front and Center. The show brings concert footage mainstream. So even more people will get a look at the young singer-songwriter. He's got energy, the humor of Chris Geere, and he's still humble, so there's hope. Keep being an artist and not a Bieber, George Ezra!