Man. David Bowie. This video makes a different kind of sense now. You have to think he started working on this as soon as he got news of his cancer: started planning the moment we're all going through right now. And you have to assume he's on another planet, dancing the robot, and watching us watch different versions of him. David Bowie permeated gender. He was attractive to everyone: he was an idol to everyone. In my mind, David Bowie controlled the universe, or, a universe. You have to trust your pull to Bowie--you have to become part of his orbit. His music became liquid electricity: two things we can't imagine being without. If there's something bigger than poetry and music, Bowie was that. He makes everything we're afraid of and in love with, mix. A few years ago, I started asking people to make lists of the albums and musicians who were most influential in their lives. David Bowie appears even more often than you might imagine. If we're all influenced by and persuaded by, someone as weird and extraordinary and unbelievable as David Bowie, then there might still be hope.