If you live in NYC, you've probably seen Steve Buscemi. He's probably been kind and quiet. You've also probably seen and even talked to his brother, Michael. Also kind and not quite as quiet. The Buscemi brothers are good people. A friend of mine from Indiana used to say that: good people. Meaning, you can trust them: they'll help you out and listen and give good advice. Steve and Michael are both actors: both great actors, but Steve tends to land more roles. They're not competitive, per se, but they're aware. And they're both as creative as they come. Most recently, they've been working together, on a "talk show" put on by AOL (yeah, seriously). Park Bench. It's perfect. They talk to celebrities, musicians, everyday New Yorkers. It's funny and serious and once. It's real life without being reality. If you get the chance to talk to these guys, do: they're normal guys. They sit on benches. They tell great stories. They make NYC a better place to be.