The Warriors just went up on Netflix, and if you've never seen the 1975 classic, you should watch it now. It's a mix between West Side Story and Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's considered a thriller, but, especially if you live in NYC, it's more of a comedy. The plot is amazing: get back to Coney Island from the Bronx. It's as though everyone under the age of 30 is in a gang: some of them wear baseball uniforms and carry bats, some of them are on roller skates, and some of them are legitimately freaks. But they're all (mistakenly) after The Warriors. The catch phrase scene, "Warr-i-ors...come out and playyy," will remain one of the creepiest moments on film. David Patrick Kelly has understandably gone on to play other seedy characters: he may haunt your dreams; he'll certainly make you laugh.