Tig Notaro says, "I feel very lucky; this is what being alive is all about: just, that idea of taking risks and seeing the payoff. You know, this is so cliche but it's like, you're alive so you might as well take chances." This was after being diagnosed with C-Diff, a super rare condition in which one's intestinal track essentially gets eaten by the disease. This was after losing her mother to a sudden death. This was after being told that she had breast cancer that would require a double mastectomy. Her response to all of this loss and grief and depression, was pretty remarkable. She made people laugh, because really, what else is there? Tig's comedy has sort of blown up since she went public with her serial bad news, but she's stayed true to herself and to what she does best: helping us laugh at how weird and amazing we all are. Watch her film, buy her album, be sure that you live as much as Tig does in her live performances.