If you live in Brooklyn, you've likely seen Bryce Dessner around; or else, you've seen his twin brother Aaron. They're both in The National, and, Bryce especially, is very present. The brothers put on an incredible tribute to music each year at BAM: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (that's a Whitman reference, kids). But Bryce has been doing a lot without his brother lately, too. In fact, he's designed a new instrument. Pitchfork calls it a "hammer dulcimer and electric guitar hybrid." The new album is called Music for Wood and Strings, and even though the instrument only plays two chords, the rhythms and different sets of strings allow for an impressively varied combination of sounds. This "album" (it's tough to call these songs: it's all continuous) seems like something to be highly productive with. It's delicate and profound. It's simple but with a genius amount of precision going on. You can listen to it here