My friend is sick. Very sick. He has stage 4 high-grade T-cell lymphoma. He was diagnosed a little over a year ago. This is the kind of thing that no one can understand: there are no words for it. The kind of thing we see in the movies--when a person crumples to the ground--and we think, I hope I never have to do that. But Gabriel is doing it. His family and his friends are doing it. People all around the world are doing it with him, because Gabriel is the guy who saves people. The guy who swing dances and practices yoga and hikes mountaintops. The guy who makes everyone feel better, always. He's been through chemo and radiation and holistic therapy in Taiwan. He's at Duke Medical Center now, doing a round of clinical trials. Every time I've seen a picture of him, he's smiling. It's rally-cap time for Gabriel: if there's a miracle in North Carolina, I'm pulling for it.