Maybe you heard Tom Rosenthal's song "Go Solo" in a Nordstrom ad, and maybe the best thing an ad can do these days is take us to art--something better than purchasing. Rosenthal's video is beautiful and simple and calming. The holidays make me realize that we do want to go home--we want to show up at a door and have people drop everything or break into tears because, us: because we're there and we're safe and together. But that doesn't happen. We don't get to travel great landscapes by train to arrive perfectly intact. We have to negotiate plans, cancel trips, sit through layovers, pay too much money, only to have not enough time, or not the right time, or fight through unexpected everything. What we want is to return to something that never existed in the first place: a childhood that we didn't know was perfect and tranquil. We want to be a commercial, but we're not. What we've got is everyday. And hopefully, everyday is pretty good--maybe not commercial good--but moments of calm, moments of so-glad-to-see-you, moments of feeling at home.