It's coming. Why do we love The Walking Dead so much? A lot of reasons. It's gruesome, it's violent, it's scary, it's full of passion. "This is what life looks like now." We're drawn to this show because it's utter survival; and, while survival does come into play in our daily lives, it's not in this non-stop sense. To a degree, we crave that sort of adrenaline. (If you don't believe me, just look into how many weird Spartan Race and Tough Mudder events are now in an area near you). We watch it almost as a fantasy: not that we want zombies to take over, necessarily, but having to worry only about survival--that actually sounds pretty amazing. Suddenly, no laws, no money, no jobs. Only, can I find food today? Can I find shelter today? Can I find someone to trust today? We feel like we could concentrate on those things better than the petty shit that fills our days. This show proves that we are animals, and that we're never very far from proving that. There are more and more of these all-rules-off type shows, but The Walking Dead is doing it right. Rick Grimes is the perfect hero/protagonist, because he's entirely flawed--just like us. Rick doesn't always do the "right thing" for the moment, but he does the "right thing" for the bigger picture--the kind of "right thing" that most of us wouldn't have the guts to do. Watching this show is a workout; and it looks like season 6 promises more sweat than ever. (Also, if anyone knows of a mashup of every time Rick says "Carl," please let me know). UPDATE: I FOUND IT!